I’m a creative brand specialist
I develop ideas that build brands.
As a Creative Director and creative consultant
I’ve launched, evolved, extended, strengthened, managed and transformed brands.
I’ve created digital content of all kinds, as well as Super Bowl spots, brand experiences, event activations, and print pieces on corn fiber stock with soy ink.
I’ve crafted brand narratives, written taglines, designed logos.
I’ve composed scripts and written lyrics to TV commercial tracks.I’ve directed videos.
I’ve penned brand manifestos.
I’ve worked with industry giants and neighborhood artisans.
I’ve collaborated with some of the most talented people in the advertising business.
Put simply
I create, by pursuing great ideas, regardless of medium, channel, device or delivery system. I approach every creative challenge fueled by curiosity, propelled by passion and sustained by an unshakable belief in the alchemy of imagination.
I've worked with clients big and small
With Silicon Valley tech gurus and LA media moguls. On global brands and local retailers. And as often as possible, on non-profit projects dear to my heart: Save the Waves Coalition, Planned Parenthood, The Sierra Club, AYSO, the local elementary school.
I've been schooled
UCLA and Art Center College of Design
I love what I do
I'm passionate. I'm driven. I'm relentless. When you work with me, I'm all in. Hip deep.
I live by the ocean
And spend time in or near it. I'm inspired by saltwater, sand, and sea air.
I'm ready. Let's connect.
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