Macy's Brand Campaign
Reigniting personal connection in a crowded retail landscape
The Objective
In the face of fierce retail competition and a sea of generic promotions, Macy’s was losing ground in the hearts of consumers. Our challenge: To restore trust and loyalty by redefining the brand’s image and demonstrating its unique value proposition amidst a sea of sameness.

The Creative
Our in-house creative team of writers, designers, art directors, stylists and filmmakers shifted the conversation away from Macy’s as just another retailer vying for attention, and focused on the diverse needs, desires, and individual styles of our audience. Gone were the days of generic sales pitches; in their place, we celebrated the vibrant personalities and fashion preferences of the Macy’s customer. We featured real customers, a myriad of unique styles and personas, demonstrating Macy’s deep understanding of its diverse customer base. We tapped into the emotional resonance of self-expression through fashion, elevating the Macy’s promise of  “More You”. Our campaign empowered our customers to express themselves authentically through fashion choices and to view Macy’s not just as a retailer, but as a partner in enabling self discovery and personal style..