Salesforce + Accenture Sustainability Partnership
Unveiling a world-defining sustainability offering
The Objective
Announce a unique go-to-market partnership aimed at addressing the sustainability imperative amidst a complex and radically transforming ESG landscape. Underscore the connection of businesses, natural ecosystems, communities and individuals. Emphasize the importance for every organization to embed sustainability into their business practices to create new sources of value and uphold their values. Highlight the deep experience and industry expertise of two world class brands, as well as innovative strategies and technologies launched to help companies achieve their ambitious sustainability goals.

The Creative
We crafted the story of this unique partnership in a content and event campaign, conveying combined power delivered by the Salesforce and Accenture brands. Our creative team developed a visual identity, graphic system, and brand voice that seamlessly fused the strengths of each brand, communicating the urgency of this pressing business imperative to reimagine, rebuild, and transform the global economy. We produced a film capturing the scope, scale, and world-changing nature of the monumental task of transitioning the world to a more sustainable state. The campaign launched in conjunction with one of the most viewed episodes of the “Leading Through Change” series, with CEOs Marc Benioff and Julie Sweet.
Film Director Kevin McGloughlin, Hinterland Films; Producer Peg Obserste