“Everyone” Inclusive Design
Promoting tech design with everyone in mind
The Objective
Position Salesforce as a leader in ethical and inclusive tech innovation amid growing skepticism about the tech industry. Proactively tackle mistrust and misconceptions while addressing the 80% of customers who expect companies to contribute to postive social impact. Champion ethical and inclusive practices in data privacy, unbiased AI, accessibility, and diversity, and establish Salesforce as both a thought and action leader, earning the trust of customers and users.

The Creative

We launched a comprehensive film and content series based on the theme of inclusion. Emphasizing the idea that technology benefits everyone when it’s designed for, and with everyone, we underscored the importance of diversity to unleash the full potential of humanity. Amplified by the Salesforce sponsorship of the 2021 USA Paralympic Team, we shared this message across digital and social media platforms, as well as at physical and streaming events. To bring our vision to life, we curated a diverse cast of individuals, including employees, friends, and partners, and assembled a women-led film crew of a female director, DP, assistant camera, assistant director, and gaffer. The film garnered over a million views on YouTube within its first week, drove a surge in subscriptions to the Salesforce YouTube channel, and sparked discussions in over 100 articles on Salesforce’s Office of Ethical and Humane Use.
Creative team: Meghana Indurti, Jason Yee, Peggy Peralta
Behind the scenes
The crew