"The Ecopreneurs" Content Series
Building a committed coalition of climate change leaders
The Objective
Leverage the muscle, influence, and powerful platform of Salesforce, one of the largest tech companies in the world, to combat climate change. Catalyze climate action within the business community by inspiring businesses to adopt sustainable practices, commit to net-zero emissions, and champion climate-focused entrepreneurs. Cultivate a vibrant community of climate-conscious businesses and brands, community leaders, and citizens.

The Creative

We developed a streaming film series exclusively for the Salesforce+ platform, titled “The Ecopreneurs”. The series showcased inspiring journeys of everyday individuals – from workers to surfers, villagers to scientists, inventors to students – pioneering innovative solutions to combat climate change on a global scale. In collaboration with Fortune Brand Studios, we established a dynamic content hub to serve as a nexus for thought leadership, foster meaningful conversations, and facilitate partnerships with like-minded businesses and brands. We galvanized an entirely new wave of support of, and participation in, the Ecopreneurs movement.
Salesforce Studios Team: Matt Jaffe, Brooke Kamler, Karey Green, Emily Wynn, Max Newfield. Creative Team: Anne Grantski, Sarah Banning
Trailer: SeaTrees
Episode 1: SeaTrees
Trailer: Acción Andina
Episode 3: Acción Andina
Trailer: OffGridBox
Episode 6: OffGridBox
Trailer: Coral Vita
Episode 7: Coral Vita
Trailer: Plant for the Planet
Episode 9: Plant for the Planet
Trailer: Papahānaumokuākea (PMDP)
Episode 11: Papahānaumokuākea (PMDP)