Save The Waves Coalition
Inspiring ocean conservation, a wave at a time
The Objective
Our mission was to spotlight the Save the Waves Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving surf ecosystems worldwide. Our goal was to ignite interest, drive online memberships, and stimulate donations to support their vital cause.

The Creative
Gathering a passionate team of ocean stewards dedicated to their craft, we created two compelling films as part of a digital and event fundraising campaign. Rather than inundating our audience with daunting statistics of environmental degradation, we opted for a more emotive approach: Our films celebrated the myriad ways the ocean enriches our lives, both individually and collectively. We shared the story of the profound connection between humans and the sea, between surfing and ocean protection and all of these relationships as an impetus for the critical importance of coastal conservation efforts across the globe. Through evocative storytelling and ocean cinematography, we illuminated the pivotal role that ocean-related activities play in fostering a sense of responsibility to protect the planet's precious ecosystems.