Jansport Brand Campaign & Product Launch
Evolving a brand to encompass a world of adventure
The Objective
Our aim was twofold: to introduce the AllTerra line of Jansport travel gear and to redefine the brand as a provider of outdoor gear tailored for epic adventures. We sought to revitalize Jansport, traditionally associated with school backpacks, by celebrating wanderlust and the thrill of exploration.

The Creative
Our freelance team worked with Jansport’s in-house marketing team to create a campaign visually centered around the iconic Jansport logo patch, complemented by arresting adventure photography. Our headline, “Where to?” served as a thought-provoking inquiry, inviting viewers to embark on new journeys with Jansport. We customized executions to reflect the unique spirit of each city within our media buy. From subway station takeovers to bus wraps and outdoor placements near bike rental companies, we tailored visuals and copy to resonate with the adventurous ethos of major North American cities, including Boston, Chicago, Seattle, DC, Vancouver, and Toronto.  We successfully repositioned Jansport as a considered brand for outdoor enthusiasts seeking durable and travel-worthy gear, while reigniting interest in the brand, and driving engagement across diverse markets.