OneTouch Verio IQ
Introducing the future of glucose monitoring
The Objective
To unveil the revolutionary OneTouch VerioIQ meter, equipped with cutting-edge  glucose monitoring technology. Spotlight its groundbreaking features, including its sleek design, vibrant and colorful display, intuitive interface, and innovative pattern recognition technology.

The Creative
Building upon our "Life First" campaign, which championed a vibrant life with diabetes, we created an integrated launch campaign for the OneTouch Verio IQ blood glucose monitoring system. Our digital and print campaign was tailored to appeal to both healthcare professionals and diabetes patients. Our focus was to simplify the complexities of technology into easily digestible benefits. We highlighted its modern aesthetics (no more look of a medical device), intelligent functionality, and humans appeal for those who appreciated a colorful interface, the ability to test easily in the dark, and the promise of a device that felt more personal than clinical.