One Touch Brand Campaign
Inspiring lives, empowering futures
The Objective
Our goal: to showcase OneTouch’s dedication to empowering those with diabetes worldwide. Through simplicity, accuracy, and trust, we aimed to reach the 20 million OneTouch users, demonstrating how our products enhance their quality of life.

The Creative
Our freelance creative team identified extraordinary stories of individuals thriving with diabetes. We developed a series of poignant videos featuring these OneTouch “heroes”—real people living vibrant, fulfilling lives despite the challenges of the disease. The hopeful and inspiring narratives illuminated the resilience and strength of the community. We enlisted Randy Jackson to produce an original anthem, “Live Life First,” composed by American Idol contestant, Crystal Bowersox capturing the theme a life lived to the fullest. For the culmination of the campaign, we orchestrated an inspirational, in-person brand event and live show, with appearances by our OneTouch heroes, company executives, and musical celebrities. We curated a high-quality brand book adorned with portraits and stories of our remarkable individuals (select pages below.)