Identity System and Ad Campaign
The Objective
To create a design system that not only inspired but also educated audiences about QuickBooks' commitment to small business owners. Showcase QuickBooks as a champion of small businesses, elevating their purpose and providing vital support for their path to success.

The Creative
Collaborating with the Landor team, we embarked on crafting components for QuickBooks' visual identity system, including graphic design, photography, and copy standards. We created a series of badges, drawing inspiration from the timeless metaphor of "hanging out a shingle" – a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit found in small business signage. Our cast featuring a diverse range of genuine QuickBooks customers in their natural work environments, authentically capturing the essence of small business ownership. We developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency and cohesion across the campaign, which launched with print and digital expressions, webinars, and live events, amplifying the message of empowerment and support for small businesses everywhere. The design system resonated with audiences while elevating QuickBooks' brand mission and positioning them as a trusted ally.