Zulily Launch Campaign
Capturing the hearts of moms
The Objective
Launch Zulily, a new online children's retail brand which addressed the challenges of new parents, moms in particular. Introduce the online retail platform that caters to parents needs offering a solution for navigating the complexities of acquiring essential supplies. Position the brand as understanding and helpful.

The Creative
Drawing from a deep well of maternal instinct and parental dedication, our creative team crafted a compelling narrative, and emotionally resonant appeal for our audience: young mothers seeking quality apparel for their children. We curated an original instrumental and vocal rendition of a beloved nursery rhyme, tapping into nostalgia and familial warmth. Paired with enchanting visuals of adorably dressed children, the campaign struck a chord with our audience, driving exponential growth in brand recognition, online engagement (2.6 million customers), and revenue ($331 million). The success fueled the company's IPO, propelling Zulily to a valuation of $2.6 billion.