Salesforce Equality Brand Campaign & Event Design
Making equality everyone's business
The Objective
In the height of the global #metoo movement, which reached its peak during International Women’s Month, our objective was to bolster Salesforce’s brand leadership in creating a more equal world for all. We aimed to firmly establish the brand as a trailblazing pioneer in advancing equity and inclusion.

The Creative
To launch the campaign, we initiated a homepage takeover of, strategically timed with the gender equality discourse surrounding the 2018 Academy Awards. The digital content campaign positioned Salesforce as a dedicated advocate for equality, showcasing a diverse ensemble of Salesforce employees actively engaged in equality initiatives within the company. Building the momentum, we extended the campaign’s reach to the Salesforce 2018 Equality Awards at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. The event featured celebrity hosts, including Stevie Wonder, further solidifying Salesforce’s position as an equality champion in the community.
Creative team: Laurie Macabasco, Jessica Bognar, Katrina Leach.