Salesforce Sustainability:
Climate Action Brand Campaign
Positioning business as a catalyst for change
The Objective
Create support for the Salesforce brand sponsorship of the Global Climate Action Summit and the 2018 Climate Summit at Dreamforce. Position the brand as a committed leader, taking action to create a better world and a better future.

The Creative
Data consistently reinforced our intuition: that the most persuasive call to climate action focused on the impact for future generations. So we let the children speak for themselves. “The Ripple Effect” film featured the children of Salesforce employees, many of whom were leaders in driving climate policies at the company. The film and print campaign were featured in the Dreamforce Climate Summit space, delighting attendees and employees alike. The campaign, and voices of children and youth continued to build, evolve and gain momentum throughout the Spring and Summer of 2019, with the student-led climate action that swept the globe. The film was also featured at the UN General Assembly Global Climate Action Summit.
Creative team: Laurie Macabasco, Peter Henningsen, Ryan Lundy, and Ronny Knight.
Further Sustainability campaign elements that took over San Francisco media.