"Team Earth" Philanthropy Campaign
Rallying businesses to join the Team Earth movement
The Objective
Extend and expand the impact of the “Team Earth” brand campaign (which launched with this spot) to inspire businesses to use their power, influence, and resources to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Capitalize on a cultural context filled with space-travel-obsessed tech CEOs, showing a better way to devote corporate resources: To humanity. Here on earth. Showcase Salesforce's corporate philanthropy program as an inspiring model to emulate.
The Creative
Our team created a corporate philanthropy focused “Team Earth” film and content series featuring Salesforce philanthropy grantee organizations World Central Kitchen and Football Beyond Borders. We developed an ongoing series to expand and build on the momentum of Salesforce community partnerships across the globe, teaming up to achieve a shared vision of a better future. On Giving Tuesday we donated the corporate social handles, literally donating our "platform", our megaphone and our reach to our non-profit partners to amplify their messaging and appeals. (Update 4/24: Our team is saddened and anguished to hear that seven WCK workers were killed by an airstrike in Gaza, including one of the staffers included in this video. My love and support goes out to the entire WCK community and their families.)
Creative Team: Sarah Ranney, Mariah Kline, Peg Hamm, Tim O’Hara, Cole Sax, Gaby Scott, Nic Bucci